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Last update: 2020-05-21

On this page I publish some of the patches I have written myself or adapted to my personal needs. In the second case all credit goes to the origianl author(s) of the patches. Use them at your own risk.

Any patches for ports(7) on OpenBSD are designed to be added to the patches/ directory of the mentioned port.

cwm_autoraise.diff Add automatic raising of active window to cwm
cwm_ssh_dups.diff Eleminate duplicated hostnames from menu-ssh of cwm
cwm_ssh_port.diff Support entries with different port numbers in menu-ssh
cwm_ssh_rem.diff Remove misfeature menu-ssh from cwm
iscsid_linux.diff Prevent connection loop when connecting to Linux targets
stsb.diff Adds scrollback support to the port x11/st v0.8.3

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