I’m a professional sysadmin in the areas of networking and the BSD family of operating systems. OpenBSD is my operating system of choice whenever possible. From time to time I write some code or a post on this page, but that’s a hobby. The main goal is to write about things I’ve done and how I have done them. If you find it useful, that’s great. If not, I don’t care.

In most posts I describe smaller and bigger things I’ve done with OpenBSD and other open source software. The style is kind of storytelling. Why? Because I believe that it is important to document both: the working config and the decisions and experiences that led to it.

You are free to use any of the stuff I post on this site. I don’t take any responsibility for correctness or usefulness of it. If you decide to use it, you take the full responsibility for any result.

My posts usually contain a lot of links to the man pages of the OpenBSD project. Why? Because the documentation of the project is excellent. I strongly recommend you to read the man pages carefully.

Please feel free to post comments about the site or articles. To prevent the abuse of the comments, function all comments get moderated before they become visible on the page. You can also contact me by mail. Please check the FAQ before you post a comment or send a mail.